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Jessi Lyons - Farm Coordinator
Jessi is a native of the Pacific NW but has been happy to call Syracuse home since 2006. At the Brady Farm, Jessi gets to combine her background in ecology and community development with her passion for food, agriculture and people. She loves to teach food preservation and experiment with eating and growing.
Kayo Green - Farm Manager
Kayo transplanted herself to U.S. in 2012 from her home country, Japan. She joined Brady Farm team in 2021 due to her bursting desire to learn land stewardship and cultivating grace from nature in the form of food. She often wonders “how can I create a space for us to connect with ourselves and others (human and non-human) deeper through farming?” while she executes whatever needs to be done in the field to get the farm going. She loves drinking tea, reading and writing poetry, and learning ideas that can turn her world upside down.
MoAde Jagusah - Workforce Development Program Coordinator
MoAde is Nigerian-Irish and was born and raised in Illinois where they grew up acutely aware of the ways in which industrialized farming led to the Dust Bowl, as well as mourning the loss of the prairie habitat. With a background as a creative writer, start-up founder, and community organizer, they joined the Brady Farm to support and learn from those who are practicing more regenerative and community-focused forms of agriculture. MoAde is a recent graduate of Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.
Alex Sandler - Crew Leader
Alex is a midwestern transplant from Iowa, calling Syracuse home since 2018. They were among the first apprentices at Brady Farm in 2022. For Alex, food justice is a perennial pursuit, one which attracted them to a program that centered the mutual cultivation of land and steward. Off the farm, you can find Alex performing onstage at local theaters or cooking foraged meals for their friends.
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