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Aaron Southwick - Community Outreach Coordinator
Aaron was born and raised in Syracuse. While at the Brady Farm, Aaron gets to combine his knowledge of helping non-profits with his past history of living and working on his parent's family farm. Aaron is passionate about connecting people to the farm and helping others become their best selves. 
Jessi Lyons - Farm Coordinator
Jessi is a native of the Pacific NW but has been happy to call Syracuse home since 2006. At the Brady Farm, Jessi gets to combine her background in ecology and community development with her passion for food, agriculture and people. She loves to teach food preservation and experiment with eating and growing.
Kayo Green - Senior Farm Assistant
Kayo transplanted herself to U.S. in 2012 from her home country, Japan. She joined Brady Farm team in 2021 due to her bursting desire to learn land stewardship and cultivating grace from nature in the form of food. She often wonders “how can I create a space for us to connect with ourselves and others (human and non-human) deeper through farming?” while she executes whatever needs to be done in the field to get the farm going. She loves drinking tea, reading and writing poetry, and learning ideas that can turn her world upside down.
Liz Gostev - Apprentice Crew Leader
A recent graduate of SU, Liz found herself in the Syracuse area not knowing how to connect her love for food and nature. While biking around, she discovered Brady Farm and kept coming back until it became a second home for her. When not at the farm, Liz enjoys exploring parks nearby, foraging, fermenting foods, and taking naps with her cats.
Mary Tatlock.JPG
Mary Tatlock - Farm Market Manager
Mary found her way to Brady Farm most recently after farming in Montana. Mary is passionate about learning and using ASL. 

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