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Receive 7-12 popular items every other week (usually close to 10 items). This is the box to get if you're looking for standard produce items that most people know how to prepare. Items are a combination of produce grown using organic methods at the Brady Farm, and organic or conventional items from other local farms, in order to provide a combination of great products and affordability.  Shares will be available every other week over 20 weeks.


Choose between Wednesday delivery or group pick-up location, or pick-up at Brady Farm on Saturday.


Wednesdays are June 12 - Oct 16 (week 1), or June 19 - Oct 23 (week 2).

Saturdays are June 8 - Oct 12 (week 1), or June 15 - Oct 19(week 2).

Save $40 by picking up at the Brady Farm. Delivery is extra. 


Additional items can be added to your order each week through the online store.

Items are based on seasonal availability. We aim to provide the high quality, fresh products. As an organic farm, pests and disease may limit product availability and volume.

Grocer - 10 weeks


    Brady Farm uses organic growing practices. When purchasing from other local farms, we prioritize farms that use organic practices, and will also purchase non-organic products as needed. 


    We strive to tell you four days in advance what to expect in your box. Due to unforeseen challenges of farming (pest, disease, weather, etc), we may have to substitute items.

    Additional items may be purchased online and added to your box. Those items must be ordered two days before you receive your share in order to allow time for harvest, washing and packing.


    We encourage you to unpack your items as soon as possible. Items such as greens, root veggies (not onion or garlic), summer squash, herbs and berries should be refrigerated right away. Most store longer with their tops removed, and in a closed container.

    Most peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant can be stored for short periods at room temperature. 

    Onions, potatoes, winter squash and garlic can store for 2-6 months in a cool dark spot (depending on the item).

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