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The Brady Farm uses a hybrid CSA model. This means that we aim to grow as much as we can ourselves, and supplement with other products for those customers who want more variety.  As an urban and organic farm, we face unique growing challenges and acknowledge that other farms can do a much better job growing certain crops. Our CSA seeks to satisfy the wide range of customer interests, while growing smarter, and supporting other local farms. And because people want more variety than can be grown locally, we also source non-local products to make sure everyone who wants produce can get it.


We grow year-round at the Brady Farm by using our three high tunnels. Our main crops throughout the year include: beets, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, green beans, herbs, lettuce, okra, onions, peppers, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, watermelon, yellow squash, zucchini and flowers. We grow many other things, in smaller quantities.


Our CSA is geared to satisfy a wide range of eaters and budgets. You can choose shares with only Brady-grown products, shares that include other local produce, and shares that bring you non-local items to round out your produce needs. We offer delivery and flexible payment methods. 

Members can also choose to extend their bounty by purchasing "solidarity shares" that go to members who cannot afford to purchase a share. Because everyone deserves to eat healthy, regardless of their circumstances.

Our Pledge

We pledge to use sustainable and natural practices to grow fruits and vegetables at the Brady Farm for our CSA members, and surrounding community. 

We pledge to be transparent about the source of produce we sell from other farms, and as best as we can we will prioritize sourcing products locally and that use sustainable and organic practices. 

We pledge to respect and promote the well-being of our customers, staff, neighbors and land.

We pledge to find and use innovative techniques and business models to keep our products as low-cost as possible to meet the needs of our members and community.

Member Pledge

By subscribing to the Brady Farm CSA program, customers pledge to support the farm and farm staff by making timely payments and communicating changes in advance. Subscribers pledge to support the farm even if the weather or other unforeseen events limit crop availability. While the Brady Farmers will work diligently to protect crops and reduce risks from weather, pests, theft, and equipment malfunction - CSA members pledge to accept the risks of farming and the variability that comes with it. 

​Payments, Refunds and Cancellations


Member shares are not intended to be pay-as-you-go. By signing up for a membership, you are agreeing to pay for the entire season. Installments are designed to help families manage their budget, and the farm relies on members' commitment to a full season.

Summer Shares, Farmstand & Grocer Box Shares:

CSA shares not paid in full can be paid in two installments due June 1 and August 15, or weekly upon request. 


SNAP and other benefit-based forms of payment may be used to pay for pro-rated box shares when it is picked up at the Brady Farm or our farm stands. EBT will also be available at the market stands. ​


Refunds and Cancellations

Membership in the CSA is a commitment to pay for and regular shares of vegetables and fruit. Refunds or cancellations will only be given in extreme circumstances, and will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Any refunds or cancellations will be prorated. 

Picking Up Your Share


Shares will be available for pick up at the farm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We also have multiple pickup locations on Wednesday located around the Greater Syracuse Area.

To switch locations, notify the Brady Farm 24 hrs before the scheduled pick up day. 

Late or Missed Pick Ups

If you are unable to pick-up your share, you may send someone else to pick it up. You must notify us in advance if someone else will be picking up your box or items. There are no refunds for missed or forgotten shares.

Delivery Option

Home Delivery is available on Wednesdays in the summer, and Saturdays in the spring. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a secure location for the box to be left if the customer is not home.

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