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The Brady Farm is a project of the Brady Faith Center. Website created with help by Xumin Xu.

Now Hiring For Spring & Summer Seasons!
Market Assistant Year Round - 20 hrs/wk, year round starting April. Position description here.
Market Assistant Seasonal - 15 - 20 hrs/wk, May - October. Position description here.

Part of the mission of the Brady Farm is to provide meaningful jobs and workforce development for our community. We employed 12 people in 2019 through our own staff and CNY Works.


2020 Farm Season Applications accepted in January and February. 

We're looking for people who can work hard, are willing to learn new things, work in a team and in all weather. Employees are required to provide their own transportation to work. Applicants will be asked to volunteer at the farm before being considered for the position. Send resume and letter of interest to jlyonsbfc@gmail.com.

Seasonal positions may be available through CNY Works for summer youth, or adults year round. To apply please visit http://www.cnyworks.com/.