Learn how to make hot sauce in the comfort of your own kitchen. We'll provide you with all the ingredients (except vinegar) and you provide the canning equipment. Each person will be able to make approximately 1 quart of thick sauce, or 1 pint of thin sauce. 

Hot Sauce Workshop Sept 26, 3 pm

Kind of sauce
    • Pint or quart canning jars, with lids OR - hot sauce bottles
    • Blender (handheld or countertop)
    • 2 large pots. One must be tall enough to cover jars  with 1" of water
    • Small pot to sanitize lids
    • Something to grab the jars with (tongs or canning grabber)
    • Strainer if you want thinner sauce
    • Clean bowl to capture strained sauce
    • Funnel that will fit into your jars or bottles
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